Shovel Knight Game for the Nintendo 3DS

Do you want to be a knight? If you have a Nintendo 3DS and you want a game that is so fun to play with cute characters and a compelling plot, then I can recommend a game for you. This game is none other than the Shovel Knight Game for the Nintendo 3DS.

The Shovel Knight Game for the Nintendo 3DS is a side-scrolling platform game and there are actually two campaign modes in the game.

The first and main campaign of the game is that of Shovel Knight. Shovel Knight, along with his long-time female companion Shield Knight, journeyed across the lands and ended up in the Tower of Fate.

During their exploration in the Tower of Fate, a cursed amulet took control of Shield Knight. She wants Shovel Knight out of the Tower of Fate. Shocked, Shovel Knight went outside of the tower as per Shield Knight’s request and took a long self-imposed exile.

The cursed amulet was controlled by an evil Enchantress. During Shovel Knight’s absence, the evil Enchantress rose to power and she brought evil to the land. Upon hearing stories that the Tower of Fate imposed evil across the land, Shovel Knight went back there again.

The Enchantress wants Shovel Knight out, so she bought the aid of the “Order of No Quarter” which was composed of 8 knights. These 8 knights were assigned to halt Shovel Knight’s advances.

Of course, our hero Shovel Knight beats them one by one in the Tower of Fate. There is another knight called the Black Knight who has romantic feelings for Shield Knight. Seeing that Shovel Knight reached the top of the tower, Black Knight and Shield Knight impedes Shovel Knight.

Shovel Knight now knew that the Enchantress was responsible for Shield Knight’s odd behavior and so, Shovel Knight defeated the Enchantress. After doing so, Shield Knight returned to her former self again.

But, the Enchantress made sure that the Tower of Fate will crumble. And so, Black Knight helped the wounded Shovel Knight get out of the falling tower and Shield Knight also went along with them.

That is the first campaign mode of the Shovel Knight Game for the Nintendo 3DS. The second campaign is considered to be a side quest as it is just short. It takes on the story of Plague Knight and his never ending desire to be loved.

He, along with his alchemists, have concocted a potion that will make his long-time crush, Mona, fall in love with him. But, the potion was too powerful in that it spawned a dark version of Plague Knight (an evil Plague Knight, if you will).

Plague Knight wants to defeat his evil counterpart and he said farewell to Mona, only for Mona to confess her true feelings for Plague Knight. Renewed and strengthened, Plague Knight defeats his evil counterpart and he, along with Mona, was accepted by the village people.

The Shovel Knight Game for the Nintendo 3DS is a compelling game and I highly suggest that you play it.

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