Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness Game for the Nintendo Gamecube

Seventeen years ago, Pokemon aired its first TV show. A lot of people, especially kids, were enticed by the cute characters that have amazing abilities.

Then, the franchise went ahead and released a gaming lineup and since then, it was constantly improved.

Most Pokemon games are released by Nintendo and I think they are in good hands. Today, we are going to talk about the Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness Game for the Nintendo Gamecube.

But before I start my article, I will just have to say sorry to the fans of Ash as Ash is not the main protagonist of the game.

The main protagonist of the game is Michael and the story of the game is set five years after Pokemon Colosseum.

One day, Michael talked to his mom’s boss, Professor Krane. Professor Krane explained to Michael about the concept of Shadow Pokemon. Basically, Shadow Pokemon are just Pokemon who has had their hearts closed.

What does this mean? It means that most Shadow Pokemon are devoid of any emotions and they can be programmed to do a lot of things. They are not evil Pokemon; they are just Pokemon that can be told to do evil things, for example.

Professor Krane also went on to explain the Snag machine. This nifty device is what Michael will use to capture any Shadow Pokemon and it is also used to purify them as well.

After the entire explanation of the Shadow Pokemon and the Snag machine, Professor Krane was then kidnapped by the Cipher agents, the evil organization that’s been collecting Shadow Pokemon for use to carry out their nefarious plans.

The story then revolves around Michael in his pursuit of rescuing Professor Krane and also releasing Shadow Pokemon that was captured by the evil organization.

In the first few games of the franchise, your main goal was to go out in the wild, capture Pokemon using the Pokeball, and train them to do your bidding.

In the Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness Game for the Nintendo Gamecube, however, the game mechanics are a little different.

The main premise of the game is to capture Shadow Pokemon. As previously mentioned, you capture Shadow Pokemon by using the Snag machine, which you can also use to purify them.

There is a total of 82 shadow Pokemon that you should collect and purify in order to advance to the final stage.

During the game, you will encounter random Shadow Pokemon. Should you fail in capturing them, you will have another chance by continually roaming around the world map and fighting Pokemon as they appear.

Once you collect all of the 82 Shadow Pokemon, a character called “Mirror B” will appear and you will have the chance to snag and purify the last remaining Shadow Pokemon and the story will advance to the final boss.

There is also a place called “Mt. Battle” in which you can challenge one hundred different Pokemon trainers so that you can test your chops.

There is a total of ten areas and in each area, there will be ten battles in total. In the tenth and final battle in that area, you will fight the area leader who has a set of stronger Pokemon than the ones you fought before them.

The Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness Game for the Nintendo Gamecube is a nice iteration of the franchise and the idea of Shadow Pokemon is very good.