4 Reasons Why You Need to Switch to IP Cameras

We have all been accustomed to Analog cameras, or better known as CCTV cameras. They are installed nearly in every popular place like the malls, parks, and different establishments.

While CCTVs are great in providing surveillance; it has some huge flaws. For one, the CCTV camera’s resolution is not that good. Most of them only support the VGA resolution, which, for the layman, is not that good in terms of video clarity.

Furthermore, the CCTV cameras are connected to a DVR to store footage. The idea is okay but it can be a problem when perpetrators are able to see it. They can just destroy it and the footage will be gone; possibly, for good.

Just when hope is lost for the CCTV cameras, a new breed of cameras was born. Introducing the IP cameras. They replace CCTV cameras in every major establishment.

Why do people switch to IP cameras? Well, I am actually going to tell you the 4 reasons why you need to switch to IP cameras yourself.

1. Higher Resolution. Probably, the main reason why you need to switch to IP cameras. IP cameras, even the most inexpensive ones, have a much higher resolution than even the most expensive CCTV cameras. That is just the way the IP cameras are built. When you have a higher resolution camera, you are always assured that you’re getting video footage with a higher quality than CCTV cameras. This means that the footage will be as clear as day and you can really tell the person or persons that are within the vicinity of your premises because of the crisp footage courtesy of the IP camera.

2. Video Management Software. Another thing that makes the IP cameras excel over its CCTV counterparts is the inclusion of a video management software. The software that comes with the IP camera allows you to do a couple of things. You can set the resolution of the IP camera, you can set the camera to look in one direction (if the type of IP camera permits it), you can select the storage medium the IP camera will relay its footage to, and much more. All of this can be done on the included IP camera software.

3. Remote Access. CCTV cameras are connected to a local DVR. That means that if you want to access the footage, you will have to physically be there to see what’s going on in your premises. This kind of defeats the purpose of getting a surveillance camera. IP cameras allow you to remotely access the IP camera’s live footage so that you can see what’s currently going on in your place or establishment. Most IP cameras can be accessed using a web browser and some IP cameras also come with a companion app that you can install on your phone.

4. Storage Flexibility. CCTV cameras only store their footage to the DVRs that are connected to them. IP cameras, on the other hand, can use more than one storage medium. Some IP cameras can store footage on the cloud and some IP cameras can store footage directly on a microSD card. Different IP cameras have different features but the bottom line is that these features are not present in CCTVs.

These are the top 4 reasons why you should switch to IP cameras if you’re still using CCTV cameras to this day.